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The dirtiest hand of millions of Wynn (analysis) $ 10,000,000 Wynn

You play one of the first post-in $ 10,000 tournaments, and it is the biggest summer tournament. You build a large stack on day 1 – one, if not the biggest in the field – just to run the best full house to Pro 2’s front thighs. It sounds unrealistic, right? Well, it was an unfavorable reality for Bryn Kenney at $ 10,000,000 GTD Wynn Millions versus Alex Foxen.

Let’s jump into my hand.

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  • Game: € 10k $ 10,000,000 GTD Wynn Millions
  • Format: without limits to hold them
  • Blind: 1,500 / 2,500
  • Ante: 2,500 bb ante
  • Stage: Level 12
  • Effective stack: ~ 100BB


Bryn Kenney opens to an unknown size (we will assume 2.2bb for this article) with q . Alex Foxen calls from piracy with 3 3 . Buttons and big blinds also call, making it four ways to failure.

Preflop analysis.

With Ace-Queen’s offsuit, Bryn Kenney has an open standard. Facing a salary increase with a small pocket pair, Alex Foxen has a standard call for several reasons:

  • They played with inside stacks, which meant he had a more implicit opportunity when he hit a set.
  • Antes’ presence allows you to call more hands than you can in cash games.
  • The three of them will play well if the pot runs multiway, which is quite possible with 4 players behind.


  • Pot Size: 10.3bb
  • Board: a  a  3 
  • Action: Big blind check. Kenney Bets 3.6bb. Fox call. Button folds. Great blind fold.

FLOP analysis.

Kenney has easy c-bets with the trip. He chose to bet small, about 1/3 of the pot, which is the standard when the C-bets come out of the position, especially in a multi-pot.

Foxen’s decision to just call the position with the house full of perfect. The slow game ensures that all Kenney cliffs remain within their reach. If Kenney has a hand like a QJ or a flush draw, for example, he can continue the barreling depending on the turn card. In addition, he will usually continue to bet the value in turn (mostly axes).



  • Pot Size: 17.5bb
  • Board: (a  a  3 ) 3 
  • Action: Kenney Tars 4bb. Fox call.

Turn Analysis.

Talk about the action card. 3 Giving Kenney home full and Foxen Front groin. Kenney chose a very small betting size here in turn with his full home, and it was difficult to say the reason. Maybe he tried to target pocket pairs in the range of Foxen (44 to TT), which was in a rather difficult place compared to this bet size. That said, breakers preferred the size of a bigger bet in this place.

Foxen chose to call to continue setting the trap, which of course was fine with a front thigh. Increasing to get the value of ACE-X Kenney’s hand is also a good game. Foxen really can’t go wrong – he is in a dream place.


  • Pot Size: 25.5bb
  • Board: (a  A  3  3 ) Q 
  • Action: Kenney check. Foxen Overbets 44.8bb. Kenney raised the All-in to call 96bb Foxen.

River analysis.

The dirty river increases Kenney to the best full house, which is popped by Foxen’s front thighs.

Check Kenney on the river is a good game. Checking allows Foxen to bully with the missing flush draw (which may or may not call in turn) and maybe hands like 44/55 – Foxen is certainly able to turn to snapping. Foxen will also appreciate most bets or all of his brothers, which he will have a hard time folding versus the all-in wages. Facing a check, Foxen (clear) must bet for a value with a front thigh. The only question is: what size should he use to extract the most likely value?

Foxen large overbet (almost 200% pot) is very reasonable. He targeted all the hands of the Ace-X Kenney who would definitely call.

Back to Kenney, who thought he was in a dream place. He chose to go along with his freighily full of Queen, trying to be called by the inferior Ace-X hand. However, Foxen snap-calls and shows Kenney The Bad News.


Alex Foxen won 217.5bb with Quad Threes and Kenney removed from the tournament in a brutal cooler. It’s one way to go from a large stack to the outside! Foxen finally completed the tournament in the 57th place for $ 46,406. What do you think about this hand? Tell us in the comments below. If you want more hand analysis, check 14 players away from € 300,000 – Should he a hero call this hand?


That’s for today. Careful!

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