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News Poker 2021 – Best Poker Players

The best poker players in the world, nosebleed players, are at the top of the food chain – some nosebleed legends have climbed the stakes to the extent to Micros and won millions when they reach the peak of poker. Everyone has their opinions about who are the best & most talented poker players of all time, and in this list we have gathered the biggest winners and the most skilled players in our opinion. We like to call them a good, sick, and the famous – Mari Selami to see a short list of the three categories!

The good one

Kelopuro ‘Lrslzk’ SamiSami is basically a legend among online poker communities, a true crusher who wins the highest bet in cash and tournaments for more than a decade now. He began playing poker in 2005 and rising the highest betting available quite quickly. During the full slope era, he challenged players like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey at the nosebleed table. He is technically among the top tournament players globally, locating in hundreds of hours ‘lab hours’ studying various spots, ICM, GTO frequencies and how to build a series of different stacks – he only does a lot of work. This dedication is combined with his talent to play nosebleed betting with a very rational approach for money, has made it at the top of the food chain in poker for years. Sami may have the biggest winning session in Omaha Hu seeing the last few years online, both in purchases and money when he played PLO 20K HU at PARTYPOKER

“That night something very sick happened. At first I didn’t believe it Crazy with almost every hand into 3bet or 4bet. Then I won the 190K pan and had a stack of 424k. My criminals run a stack of 20K from more than 100 thousand several times, but never to 150k. I started going very well.

Finally, after $ 1.3 million, the game was over. We have played for about 8 hours, which is a very short time to lose a lot of purchases. The same time next week, the same type occurs in PLO 50/100 with a man playing the same style and losing 100k. I didn’t even consider this result as possible in 2019. I was confused for a few days after this, because it was difficult to believe that I would break my record for a day that won after a full slope year. I won a total of 65 buy-ins. It was also my best week, + $ 1,525 million

Linus ‘linuslove’ LoeligerLinus ‘Linuslove’ Loeliger is a Swiss poker player who lives in Malta. He is generally considered the best 6max player in the world at this time, has a very deep understanding of the GTO game strategy. He began the utas at 2 + 2 in 2013 with a challenge to build a bankroll of $ 240 playing NL10 to regular players at the NL100. He will experience ups and downs like every other poker player, but will continue to play and work on the game every day, whatever happens. Fast forward 4 years until 2017, he played NL40K bets in PokerStars colliding with the best online players in the world, winning more than $ 1.4 million in 2018. According to a statname, he has won a total of $ 2.6 million online with Winrate 6, 4 bb / 100. If you follow the latest poker news, chances are you have seen Linus make the main headline against the best direct poker players too. Lately he has started playing more direct tournaments, leading a list of money throughout Switzerland in Hendonmob with a total direct income of $ 1.86 million. His biggest victory so far is Triton 6-hand Turbo Event Trophy for GBP 690K. Linus has stated that playing three-hand nlhe against the top competition is the most pleasant thing in poker for him. He also enjoys the swing, good and bad, which is something that is not many poker players share with him.

Pauli ‘Fattilismies’ Äyräs – A former Starcraft 2 & CS player, Fattilismies fell in love with poker in the first experiment and will be one of the best 6max and hu players ever seen the world. He has risen to the top of the online scene of Nlhe at a relatively young age, and prefers to live a luxurious lifestyle now that the vast poker victory allows him to buy many things that are not available to everyone in real life. Pauli started a session around 6pm at night, and depending on the quality of the game was finished around 7 in the morning. This is a fairly 7 days a week & 365 days a year, unless he travels to play the High Live Roller Tournament series. He has stated that you begin to wonder if something is wrong with the balance of life when you sit 16 hours in front of your computer in pajamas and your friends don’t call you less, but being a pro poker is not easy to work – just the opposite, it requires Extraordinary sacrifice and commitment. During Downswings Pauli tried to keep his head cool and continue to play, and he admitted that losing the session could affect his mood.

In the future Pauli wants to start a business and reduce the hours spent on poker until now, he has won more and more every year.

‘Poker has given me everything I expected – and even more. First year as a professional in 2015, I will not be € 100k. In 2016, I won € 200 thousand and became more hungry, won the next year’s € 800r in 2017. I think I really reached my potential at that time. But, in 2018, I will not be € 2 million and think that the game is now very difficult, it is difficult to win more. However, in 2019, I will not be € 3 million and again I have the same feeling as in previous years. ” In 2020-2021, Pauli has been able to trade very profitable in the stock market to further develop its net worth. At the end of June 2020, he tweeted in his purchase with $ 1 million Tesla shares with margins. According to Pauli, this is the biggest bet in his life and he did not sell shares for a long time. So far, this trade must be paid for him because Tesla’s shares walk right after his tweet.

Berri Sweet – Berri Sweet may get inspiration from the nickname, but it takes more than that to be as good as he is on the PLO – behind his sweet graph is a commitment to poker not like the others. Berri Sweet is a mysterious Swedish player who doesn’t make too much buzz about him in the forum. Over the years, he struggled against many other endboss level players in the highest bet. Berri Sweet has a very healthy approach to keeping the poker ecosystem into a fair place for everyone. This is a brief statement from his approach:

“Often, as high betting players, you have a choice between sacrificing a little money / eV or slumping into making unethical choices makes you most $ at this time. Too many visitors have already chosen the last late lane. “Everyone does it” is one of the worst reasons of all time. “

Sick person

Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom – Isildur1 is a poker legend in the online poker community, after winning and losing millions of dollars overnight in one session. Back in full slope days, aka still a secret before Viktor advanced and announced the account. Viktor was introduced to poker by his brother, who taught him Texas Holdem during the years in middle school. They played with each other and watched the Swedish TV broadcast episode named Pokermiljonen. Playing home matches with Antes 15C, Victor began playing during all breaks at school, and also played a tournament with his friends for betting between $ 3-7. The first deposit he made to the online poker room with his brother was $ 100. He built $ 275k bankroll during his junior high school years, just to lose everything in one night. He decided not to focus on school and go constantly on poker once again, and managed to deposit $ 2k on the iPoker. He began grinding the NL200 Hu Nlhe and moved quickly, the midbleeds tilted tables appeared in 2009 to challenge the best players at the time. Playing a 24-36 hour session, he won more than 6 million dollars in less than two weeks, before starting to play PLO where he would lose millions to Patrik Antonius and Brian Hastings. Viktor has a record of the biggest loss of the pot that has ever played online for $ 1.3 million.

betting kompetion
betting kompetion


Shares ‘Ziigmund’ Ilari – The most sick players to go up to the nosebleeds from Finland – Meet Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ stocky! Ilari doesn’t need an introduction, because it is a PLO player who everyone likes to play during a crazy full slope year. He struggled with people like Isildur1 and Gus Hansen at the highest limit, and were played in all major direct tournament series in Europe and sometimes in Vegas for years of poker boom. Ziigmund is the most famous for his all-in lifestyle, where he partys hard, plays great and does not hold anything. He even starred in a rap song with Teflon Brothers, a Finnish rap band, and featured in a famous music song along with Finnish Uniikki Rappers, Eastinen & Spekti – Enjoy video songs & music here. Back on the day Ilari also has a poker site called PowerPoker, which hosts the challenge of Ziigmund’s head and a wild party on the boat. Henrik ‘Normandi’ Andersson took the challenge, but did not manage to win Ziggy when he was caught straight to straight Ziggy Broadway.

Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan – As stated in Paul Phua’s interview about Tom, when it comes to modern poker icons, you don’t get more rock ‘n’ roll rather than Tom Dwan. Tom described his life as ‘too many poker, not enough to sleep’ but when he was at the table, no chips would be safe. His fearless bluff monsters in high betting poker episodes make it a favorite player show for many viewers and poker fans around the world, and he has struggled in ultra-benefits from poker which was broadcast for many years. Born in 1986 in Edison, New Jersey, Tom Dwan became interested in matches at a young age and playing games like Magic: The Gathering and Poker with his friends as teenagers. He started his busyness to the top of a site called Paradise Poker with only 50 dollars, and hadn’t looked back since then. Currently Tom can be found from the biggest 6+ Holdem game played in Macau, Hong Kong and in the Triton Super High Roller Series.

Stu ‘The Boces’ Ungar – Stu ‘The Kid’ Ungar is one of the most mystical poker players who have seen the world. Born in 1952 in Manhattan, Stu was the son of a loan shark and began gambling at a very young age. He has extraordinary natural talent for Gin Rummy, and his talent is not canceled without realizing it by any player who will play against him. His mother was seriously ill when Stu’s father died, and because Stu was only 13 at the time with not too many choices to support the family, he began to gamble more around New York to make money. Gin Rummy’s action died after Stu had won on a large scale, and no one dared to challenge him again. He must look for another game to dominate, and as you think, Live Poker is his choice. He moved to Las Vegas in 1977 and entered the WSOP in 1980. Not surprisingly, Stu defeated Doyle Brunson in Hu to bring home the trophy and his first WSOP title, with many more poker bracelets to come. Nothing suited for him in the poker at that time, and other players would consider him a genius playing among ordinary humans. But, there is something he has no discipline in – every field of life. He was addicted to Pit Games, betting betting high betting, and also cocaine. No one can survive this type of combination in the long run, no matter how well you are in poker. Stu was found dead in 1998 from a cheap motel, and a list of people who owe money is a few long pages if it was written. Only if he can manage his personal life better, we might have seen more amazing tournaments winning the miracle of this gambling in time …

‘Show me a good loser and I will show you the loser’ -stu ungar

The famous

Phil ‘Raoleonce’ ivey – Phil Ivey, also known as the Tiger Woods of Poker, is one of the most feared opponents that you can face in midbleed Live Cash Games. Playing under the alias ‘Raoleonce’ online, Ivey has fought several of the biggest online players at that time during the crazy years of full slope poker. He has been shown in Poker after dark, highstakes poker and many other famous TV shows, cashing more than $ 28 million from the direct poker tournament and chose to the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017. Ivey started his poker career at the beginning of life. Born in Riverside California in 1977, he moved to New Jersey as 3 years. He played 5 cards for money with his 8-year-old grandfather, and his grandfather saw special talent for the match soon. Working at McDonalds at the age of 16, Ivey played in environmental matches but wanted to undergo a different lifestyle. He uses a fake ID to start playing at Casino Atlantic City, and locates in 15 hours of day. He could only start using his real name as he was 21 – at the time, everyone in the US poker scene was rather familiar with him because his expertise was phenomenal. Then he will be one of the most famous US players throughout the world. He won his first WSOP bracelet against Amarillo Slim legendary in 2000, earning $ 195K for the trophy.

And bilzerian – It’s hard to accurately describe it in one sentence, but you can say he reminds us of Jason Statham in the film. In other words, he is a high life icon, even though it seems that his car is even faster and weaponry is even more sophisticated than Statham’s use. And play nosebleed poker, throw money and a real party like tomorrow. With his biggest followers on social media, and became a brand ambassador for the GGPoker in early December 2020. He can also be found to sail around the world in Yacht equipped with hundreds of bikini edition bottles, sometimes wearing a bikini. And also called the King Instagram, and has more than 30 million followers who check their routine updates about his lifestyle. Google statistics tell us many people who want to know what it is ‘and a healthy net bilzerian’, and a rough answer is $ 200 million. But, Google also tells us the source of his wealth is ‘entrepreneurial’. He moved Jet Gulfstream IV with a personal trademark of his Zeus pet head painted on the tail. He was almost demanded by a porn star who made his legs broke because the bilzerian threw it from the roof of his house to the pool. A friend described his furniture with the following words: There was a weapon lying casually literally in each room at his home.

“My biggest fear is that someone will enter and I will not be able to decide what weapons to shoot them.” -And bilzerian.

High online poker betting

The beauty of online poker is you can play bets against players from all over the world. If you want to play high-poker high betting across a lot of limits and game formats, only your choice is traveling to Las Vegas. With online poker you have an unlimited option. There are many high betting tables that run all the time on several sites. The high bays run usually with bets from $ 25/50 to as high as $ 1000/2000 with a $ 5K purchase of up to $ 100K. The size of the pot can quickly increase at a high betting table and not infrequently see Pot 6 points played. The biggest pan that was played online occurred between Viktor Blom and Patrik Antonius when they clashed in a $ 1.3 million dollar pot playing Omaha pot-limit. Patrik clicked the preflop of 5 bets and dropped the second bean with two lottery flush backdoor. Viktor raised his failure bet with a wrap and they got it. Antonius finally won a pot with a clean runout.

The biggest pot played online at Texas Hold’em took place in August 2020 when Ali Imsarovic and Tan Xuan clashed in a pot of $ 974,631. Tan examined the failure and fired all three roads against Ali who drove the beans with the action.

While holdem traditionally became the most popular game among high betting players, Omaha is increasingly popular. In addition to cash games, super high roller tournaments are becoming increasingly popular among players who like to play for big money. A few years ago 25K or 50K tournaments buy quite rare, but now they are seen in every online poker series on sites like PokerStars, PARTYPOKER and GGPOKER. Each of these main online poker sites has several tournament series throughout the year with a high roller tournament. Many satellite players qualified for each high roller tournament to pursue a large payment of their one time. Satellite is a great way for most players to enter a high roller tournament where you can play against the best players in the world. Watching intense high pole games can be quite entertaining for poker fans. You can see how world-class players bet their hands and dynamics like what these games have. Watching large pots played online gives many inspirational players needed to start improving their games. In addition to professional poker players, high betting games attract rich recreational players, such as entrepreneurs, bettors sports and rich people who mostly play other casino games such as Blackjack.

High betting poker site: playground for big money? – Choosing a poker site that has a good reputation is extra important when you play high bets. You want to make sure that your money will be safe and win processed on time. We recommend that you contact the poker site before doing a big deposit, because they might give you a big bonus to play. You can find the repertoire of the deposit method of each site on the porch of their website.Ask around where other players like to play can help you find a poker room that is suitable for your needs. You can scan the lobby from different sites to see if they have a game that is packed with a high-running game. Some sites are better known as other forms of online gambling, such as sports betting, sometimes it can be proven to be good for high betting action in poker. Many sites have poker managers to care for their VIP players, so make sure to contact the site for additional facilities when you start playing. Our Pro team members from poker animals have played high-betting online poker in most sites that can be accessed by European players. If you are looking for advice on playground, we love to share our knowledge and experience from various sites and high betting tables. Contact us via email, skype or telegram found on footer websites!

Last words – Because there are many poker formats and almost impossible to track all the victories of different players, we cannot decide who will be one of the 29 best poker players. Do you think the best player in Poker? Comments under your favorite player’s name and the reason why you think they are the best!

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