Bonkers Bluff With $ 992,500 On The Line (Analysis Of Pokergo’s Record-Breaking Pot)

Let’s look at the biggest pot in the history of Pokergo. This hand comes from Rob Yong’s home game that streams in Pokergo and featuring Rick Salomon and Lazaro Hernandez collided with a pot of $ 992,500. This game is played on nosebleed bets, with curtains set with $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 with $ 4,000 straddle. Hernandez is $ 580,000 in (~ 145 deep straddles) and Salomon is $ 1,700,000 (~ 425 straddles). You can watch crazy hands (hosted on the Youtube poker central channel) below. Continue to scroll to recap written from hand and analysis.

Without further Ado, let’s jump into action!

With $ 992,500 On The Line


Hernandez mentions a little $ 4,000 with in Cutoff and Salomon rises to $ 30,000 with  ️ k  ️ on the button. Everyone folded and Hernandez called.

Preflop analysis.

Respect Hernandez is advised. He would be better to raise or fold, both of which are a good choice with this hand. If you have followed our article for some time, you know that you almost never open a limp preflope because it prevents you able to seize a pan soon. Also, limps allow your opponents to realize their equity very cheaply. With limp, you also usually make it more challenging to get rid of pots in failure because you will often play multiwarts. Responding to a limp, the increase in Salomon was very good. The size is very large, but it’s no big deal if you have a reading that your opponent is willing to emit a big increase with marginal hands, as in this case. After making an initial mistake with limp, Hernandez doubled with worse decisions by calling the Salomon increase. Hernandez has a clear fold in this situation.



Flop comes k  ︎ 9  ️ 4  ️ and pot is $ 66,500. Hernandez checked into Salomon which made a continuation bet of $ 38,000. Hernandez called.

FLOP analysis.

Hernandez’s good examination. The range is weak, and therefore he has to check with all his hands to Salomon. C-betting and salomon size are very good. The fact that he left with a large size was even better because he was against amateur players and his hands were very strong, dominating many hands from reaching his opponent. Hernandez’s call is good considering that he has good equity pieces and will also be able to cover profitably if his opponent checks back in a certain round. Check-a check-a is a good choice too, but he might want to have a slightly stronger hand to do it, like holding q  ️ or a t  ️ in his hand which gives him some percentage of extra equity.


It turns 5  ️ and board now K  ︎ 9  ️ 4  ️ 5  ️. The pot is $ 142,500. Hernandez Checks, Salomon bet $ 60,000, Hernandez raises up to $ 225,000, and Salomon Snap-calls.



Turn analysis

Hernandez’s examination was once again good considering that the overall reach was weaker than Salomon and he came out of the position. In theory, salomon bets are fine, but it’s not great because he generally wants to use a more polarized hand range for value. This was because after the third club entered, most of his hands had become weaker in terms of how close they were against nuts. But with that, betting in a salomon place is clearly superior than checking by Hernandez seems to play. Hernandez’s inspection lifter strongly suggested given that his hand blocked more bluff than betting. Do this step with a simple gutshot and there is no flush draw that really damages yourself.

Facing an increase in inspection, Salomon has an easy call with top-pair kicker and a draw to the second nut.


River comes 3  ️ and board now K  ︎ 9  ️ 4  ️ 5  ️ 3  ️. Pot is now $ 592,500. Hernandez bet $ 200,000 and Salomon Snap-calls. The last pot was $ 992,500 and Salomon took him down with Raja-High Flush.

River Analysis

As soon as he found himself in this place, Hernandez’s snapping was not as bad as that he didn’t have a worse hand in his reach. Salomon also has several hands like a set and two pairs without a club that might have to be folded into river betting so the fourth club comes in. From the Salomon point of view, he must always call with his hand because he has a second virtual bean and it is not impossible that Hernandez can bluff. Also, sometimes Hernandez can be worth the bet (too thin) with hands like Q  ️ JX.

What do you think about snapping? Tell me in the comments below. And if you don’t agree with my analysis, tell me below so we can discuss. The money that changes life exchanging hands in this pot, which only shows how entertaining nosebleed poker. You have seen it here that even on this bet, the mistake is being made and someone is paid far to use it!

Until 'next time, keep on grinding!

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