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Bitcoin Poker – Poker Rooms Receives BTC Deposits in 2021


Only for a moment, imagine there is a safe way to fund your online poker account with almost 100% anonymity even in the restrictive market. In early 2010, people who played online poker might say it was just a fantasy. However, with Bitcoin Going Attream, this is at all except fantasy! As you will see, now it is almost a standard industry to offer BTC as a payment method for online poker.

List of online poker sites that accept Bitcoin payments

You can set Bitcoin wallets anywhere in the world to make deposits in online poker rooms that accept BTC. In fact, the poker industry has benefited greatly from the resurrection of Bitcoin, providing the opportunity to play online for many poker lovers who do not have access to traditional payment methods. The following is a list of popular poker sites where Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method for real money games:
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What is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most popular Cryptocurrency in the world. First introduced in 2009, it was a digital currency made by an anonymous inventor who used the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the first digital object that cannot be doubled or forged. Each bitcoin is mined from the block which is information that includes transactions within a period of time, about 10 minutes. The first block called Genesis block was produced in January 2009. The number of Bitcoin is closed, which means that Bitcoin is a rare cryptocurrency. All of these attributes provide a unique Bitcoin value, which has been recognized by the mainstream media and investors as well, producing astronomical growth in price.

If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin, this is a useful video on the topic:


What kind of bitcoin poker site

Bitcoin Poker Rooms can be divided into two main categories:

The Poker Room is only Bitcoin: This Bitcoin poker site operates in BTC which is the only method of payment and currency used in the real money table to play Bitcoin Poker. There is no currency conversion at any point when you play on a poker site just bitcoin. Poker sites that accept Bitcoin: This operator allows you to deposit and withdraw in BTC, and the game occurs in currencies such as USD, GBP, or EUR. Every time you do a deposit or cashout, your number is converted using the real-time currency conversion rate. Compared to the number of rooms that accept Bitcoin payments, there are far fewer poker sites where you can play Bitcoin poker games without currency conversion. If you want to play poker tournaments with millions of dollars in a guaranteed gift pool, your best bet is choosing a poker site that accepts Bitcoin payments, but offers poker games in fiat currencies such as dollars or euros.

Using Bitcoin in Poker Online

Even though we can dive into large details about the advanced technical bitcoin, the most important thing to understand poker players is how you can safely deposit and draw with Bitcoin. This is the fast video that guides you through the Bitcoin deposit in the poker room called Americas Cardroom:

Pros and cons using bitcoin in poker : While each poker player has their favorite payment method, Bitcoin has several benefits that are not available with traditional payment options. These include:

Global accessibility: anyone can buy Bitcoin wherever they live. Some banks or credit card companies do not authorize deposits on poker offshore sites if you live in limited jurisdictions. With BTC, you can overcome some of these limits.

Increased Anonymity: Many players prefer not to provide their personal information about things like credit card numbers or bank accounts. With Bitcoin, you can avoid providing this information, because transactions do not require you to provide any personal information and separate from the KYC process of online poker sites.

Security with encryption: All BTC transactions are encrypted and verified as they move through the network. Most online poker sites to deposit bitcoin in cold storage, giving you extra security.
What about the disadvantages of using BTC to play poker online? There are two aspects that might be seen as a downside players:

Price volatility: BTC value measured in USD is quite unstable, which makes predicting the future value of your BTC in fiat currencies such as USD or EUR is quite difficult.

Adoption by online poker sites: Some online poker rooms have not started to receive BTC as a payment method. When they lose the great potential of new customers, we are confident that in the end almost all of the biggest poker sites will add bitcoin with their payment method of choice.

Online Vs Offline wallet BTC

Many poker players have asked us what kind of wallet BTC is used for online poker.

Online wallet or purse heat is the easiest to use: you just enter, conduct transactions and logout. The disadvantage is that it is not as secure as online wallet purse BTC offline, because of the possibility of hacking. For this reason, we recommend using an online wallet for those who must move only tens or hundreds of dollars. For larger quantities, it makes sense to set up and use hardware Bitcoin wallet to store and move your BTC. Offline purse or wallet cold is the best choice for protection and maximum security, even though they require little technical knowledge to operate.

What is a Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal limits at Poker Sites – When it comes to receiving the deposit limits using Bitcoin, most poker sites have a very low threshold for players who want to try poker. While the withdrawal limit with Bitcoin is usually not limited, some Bitcoin Poker sites have limited the maximum amount that you can pull in one transaction. There is an easy way to deal with it if you are going to win big: just create some pullback to move your bitcoin wallet into several pieces.

Is there a poker bonus deals to deposit bitcoin – Many real money poker sites offer to their customers a welcome bonus when making their first deposit with Bitcoin. Some rooms give you a welcome bonus in Fiat currencies such as the USD, and other Bitcoin. If you wish to receive a deposit bonus when you make a first deposit, please choose one of the poker room of your bitcoin-friendly poker sites at the top of this page.

How Cashing Of Poker Room with Bitcoin – You can make a cashout with Bitcoin with these three steps:

1) Go to the cashier poker site and click on withdrawal
2) Select Bitcoin as a withdrawal method and enter the amount you’d like matching
3) Enter your address and click Confirm BTC – Money must be on the way to your Bitcoin wallet in no time!

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